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Hair Loss Answers

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How to halt hair loss and bring back hair fullness

The first suggestion is to apply estrogen/female hormones onto the scalp, because the hair will be stronger. Female hormone production is not limited to animals or humans. Several plants have the ability to make a version of these hormones. The plants include: hops, licorice, sage, clover, sweet clover, and some more. (more…)

Natural Remedy for Blood Cleansing: Asparagus

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Asparagus is known as a natural remedy for blood cleansing and a diuretic as far back as 2,000 years ago. Find out why this veggie is prized worldwide today.

Description:It is believed that the Greeks probably named asparagus, which means “young shoots”. British settlers brought the veggie to North America during the 1600s in the form of “crowns”. Crowns are the first year growth of the underground stem and roots from which the asparagus is usually grown. The crowns are used to start the plants to cut down an extra year if plants from seeds are used. Asparagus (female plant) has red berries, which birds like to eat and then carry to other fields or parts of the garden so that asparagus can be non-cultivated. Asparagus is a perennial and in the first year is not harvested and looks much like a fern. After three or four years, the asparagus plant can produce crops for about 15 years. (more…)

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