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The Safe Way to Slide

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According to the Centers for Research Control and Prevention, approximately 1.7 million people will be injured this year while sliding into bases in the United States. Fortunately, researchers at the University of Michigan and the Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine have demonstrated that using breakaway bases can prevent more than 96 percent of these injuries. (more…)

HRT Benefits Outweigh Risks for Most Women

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Current scientific evidence suggests that, for most women, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, far outweigh the risks, conclude scientists and physicians with the American Council on Science and Health. A review of the known and potential pros and cons of HRT is included in a newly released report by the ACSH: “Postmenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy: Benefits, Risks, and Options.” (more…)

8 Energy Boosters

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Are your eyes heavy when they should be alert? Do you yawn a lot or crave more time to rest? If sluggishness is robbing you of pep and productivity, maybe you need to make a few changes in your lifestyle to shake off the slump. Here are eight energy boosters worth trying. (more…)


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Laundry, like vacuuming, is a terrific task for men: a left-brain job they can see through from beginning to end. It requires no personal judgment or creative improvisation; one must simply follow the time-honored steps from A to B to C and use the correct amount of detergent. (more…)

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