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Finding a Gastroenterologist for Throat Symptoms

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Q.I’ve had esophageal cramping for several years. Recently, I’ve developed the sensation that something is stuck in my throat all the time. I’ve mentioned it to my doctor, but he doesn’t seem overly concerned. After reading your articles about people suffering from similar symptoms, I’ve decided to ask my doctor for a referral to a gastroenterologist. What characteristics should a patient look for in a good gastroenterologist? (more…)

Too Many Mastectomies

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More women with breast cancer are losing whole breasts to surgery than the National Institutes of Health recommend. Breast-conserving surgery — where the cancer and surrounding tissue are removed and the breast is spared — has increased since 1990, but is still below the NIH’s recommended levels, according to a University of Minnesota study recently published in the journal “Cancer.” (more…)

Weekly Horoscope

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During this First Quarter Moon week, there are relatively few planetary aspects but the ones which do occur will hardly go unnoticed. Also, Mercury finally turns Direct, so if your thinking cap has been gathering dust over the past three weeks, now is the time to get it cleaned. (more…)

Hair Loss Myths

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Tiring a hat can ground sparseness

Inexact. Most experts end not have faith in that tiring a hat can ground nakedness. To action hair loss, the hat would acquire to happen fixed ample supply to abbreviate unavailable bad circulation to the scalp. To come to pass on the out of harms way part, provided you discharge have on hats, cause trustworthy they are breathable and not firm adequacy to ground inquietude.


Debbie Lose Weight

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This week was busy. Somehow I managed to loose a pound, which makes 3 pounds in all since I started the program! I feel good about the advice that has been given to me. After reviewing my food intake for the week I’ve determined that I need to stock up on fruits and veggies. I never realized how little of those things I eat until I reviewed my food diaries for this last week. (more…)

Cautioned About the Precautionary Principle Post 2

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Mitra reminded the audience of the need for developing countries, such as India, to increase agricultural productivity. While there are many challenges to make new technologies available to small farmers, who cannot even afford the tools of the “green revolution” such as fertilizer, banning this technology under the banner of precaution in the West ignores the real challenges in developing countries. (more…)

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