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Who’s the Fairest

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What’s more insulting than overhearing a co-worker gloating that she’s the prettiest one in the office? How about finding out that she was the “other woman” in your one true romance? This week, “Ally McBeal” examines one of life’s bigger torture chambers: the breakup. (more…)

Ice Queen

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Once Ally and Georgia settled their differences and became chums, the show lacked a certain back-stabbing cattiness that kept the “Melrose Place” audiences salivating. Enter Nel “Subzero” Porter, the firm’s newest skirted litigator. (more…)

Field the best team

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Successful partnerships are run like a fine-tuned business, not pushed to the periphery like a sideline project. It means allotting top-notch people and sufficient resources, and giving the team the autonomy necessary to move at Internet speed. (more…)

Old Habits Die Hard

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After Lizzie’s heroic rescue in the burning building last week, it should be smooth sailing for the Brit doc, right? Wrong. Lizzie’s boss — that sniveling surgeon guy — gives her a less-than-stellar six-month review. He claims she doesn’t care enough about surgery procedure. (more…)

Does Diverticulosis Surgery Help

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Q.I have diverticulosis and just got out of the hospital. My doctor has told me that I may want to have surgery to remove an infected part of my colon. In addition to my recent attack, I have had bleeding that required hospitalization on four other occasions. My question: Does removing the inflamed section of colon lead to a better quality of life?

When Selling Software, Don’t Say Software

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If his years of branding ice cream and cinnamon rolls taught Mark Breier anything, it’s that a product’s name must stick out among the competition. After all, as group brand manager for Dreyer/Edy’s Grand Ice Cream from 1988 to 1994, Breier actually competed against his own homophone, Breyer’s, which also rhymed with his brand, Dreyer’s. One slip of the tongue and a consumer might end up licking the wrong Rocky Road.


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