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Body Changes During Pregnancy

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Any woman who has ever been pregnant is well aware of the changes her body goes through but most don’t realize exactly what occurs. Did you know that even your joints experience changes during pregnancy?

When you’re pregnant your body releases relaxin, a hormone that lubricates the pelvis joints to prepare your body for impending birth. This is why you need to take extra caution since your tendency to get a sprained ankle is greater at this time. Also there is a greater chance of straining your muscles. (more…)

Meningitis in Ohio. Part 2

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The Meningitis Bacterium
The bacterium that causes one of the most common forms of meningitis or meningococcal infections is called N. meningitidis because its favorite target is often the meninges, the membrane enclosing a fluid that surrounds the brain and the spine. (more…)

Meningitis in Ohio. Part 1

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Alliance, a city of 23,000 near Youngstown in the northeast of Ohio, likes to bill itself as the home of the scarlet carnation, the state flower. This week, though, it became known coast to coast as a place where people wore surgical masks and were afraid to touch each other.


Kudos for Aerobic Students Who Venture Into Dance Class Post 2

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I warm up my students who are true to traditional dance class form by performing large breathing movements where one has to reach and bend from the head to the toe. This gets their blood moving in every direction and it targets the spine and the neck, which is essential when one is performing dance steps that are intricate or when the timing is altered from the usual 4/4 tempo. (more…)

Kudos for Aerobic Students Who Venture Into Dance Class Post 1

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I am a professional dancer who has performed and taught all styles of dance for over a decade. As well, I have been involved in the fitness industry — personal training and immersed in the cult of aerobicizing — for as long.

Currently, I teach hip-hop classes at urban fitness clubs in my city. Most of the members are between the ages of 20 and 55, and their fitness levels and coordination abilities vary. Almost all of them have a zest for life and a zest for learning, and if my classes are indicative of the general population in my city, then there are lots of jolly people out there in the workforce! (more…)

Low Carb Fast Food Eating Out on the Atkins Diet

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So you’ve jumped on the low-carb bandwagon, but are having trouble eating out? Dieters on the Zone or Atkins diets may find that low-carb fast food dining options are frustratingly slim. Here are a few hints for easier eating. (more…)

Treatment and Management of Low Back Pain

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Aerobic Exercise
Performing aerobic exercise on a regular basis has been shown to help maintain general health and preserve the quality of life. There are many options; you should choose an exercise you like to perform and which fits your lifestyle. This way you’ll be much more likely to make it a part of your regular routine.


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