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Who Were you Talking

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“Who were you talking to,” Jake watches Ted struggle to find the right words. Jake continues, “Are you going to cannibalize Helen?”

“No, no, no. The sea creature needs to eat Helen so that his genes recombine to break the evil spell so that he can once again be a knight in shining armor. Apparently, he’s a distant relative of hers. Mine, too, which I don’t understand, but he needs female genes, nonetheless. Otherwise, he would’ve eaten me,” says Ted. (more…)

Yea Frank! Great Idea!

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But really, this idea sucked. The search and rescue team said, “That looks like all the other camps. They suck.”

Meanwhile, Tom had the most brilliant idea while flapping his arms, “And I’m going to have this feather in my ass…”

This is how Tom described Boran’s distress signal (dialect included): “We’ve got a black man with white… thangs on. We’ve got a big fat man with a flag waving (and a feather stuck in his butt crack). We’ve got two little skinny men with flags running around… a woman in her THONG, thar. We’ve got a young lady shakin’ and bakin’ up thar. I don’t know what else we could do. If that ain’t gonna stop the plane, I wanna talk to the pilot!” (more…)

Are you plagued with loss of hair?

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The drug known as Propecia offers hope for anyone experiencing symptoms of male pattern baldness. It blocks the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. This in turn lowers DHT concentration in the scalp region and permits a return to healthier hair production. (more…)

Mother’s Report

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Phone call to mother to confirm status of the case to date: It had only been two weeks since the Natrun muriaticum, Staphisagria, Opium, Lachesis 200C one dose. She said he discharged all kinds of pea-green runny mucous from his nose for about five days, but he was not at all sick. (more…)

Healthcare Employers

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Physician Job Opportunities Updated Wednesday July 8

More physicians seek positions at PhyJob.com than ANY other physician jobs resource – online or offline! (more…)

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