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New Ways to Fight Diabetes

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There are two new weapons in the fight against diabetes, and they may reduce the need for insulin injections. The drugs are called Avandia and Actos. They are specifically for people with type 2 diabetes. Researchers say they target the underlying cause of the disease — insulin resistance. (more…)

Let the Hundred Flowers Bloom. Part 4

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So Hahnemann himself was probably quite clear about what he meant by small doses. But as we have seen if we look beneath the doctrines of the single dose and the single medicine, two of the central principles of homeopathy, we find ambiguities and uncertainties. (more…)

Let the Hundred Flowers Bloom. Part 3

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What about the minimum dose, which is also usually taken to be a core principle? But what do we mean by the minimum dose? Are we referring to the quantity of medicine given, or to the extent of potentisation? We often loosely equate increasing the potency with decreasing the size of the dose, since potentizing involves dilution. (more…)

Let the Hundred Flowers Bloom. Part 2

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For example what do we mean by the single dose? Does this mean giving one dose and then waiting for a long period to ensure that the action of the dose has exhausted itself before giving a second dose or medicine? Hahnemann changed his mind on this between the fourth and sixth editions of his Organon, and advocated using more frequent doses in the sixth edition. (more…)

Let the Hundred Flowers Bloom. Part 1

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The theme of this issue of Homeopathy Online is “let the hundred flowers bloom, let the hundred schools of thought contend” (yes I know it was Chairman Mao who said this, but it is nonetheless a resonant motif). (more…)

Managing Your High Blood Pressure

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If you are not in a high-risk group, your high blood pressure can be treated effectively with lifestyle changes and, possibly, medication. If you are in a high-risk group. (more…)

Alzheimer’s Disease: Treatment Overview

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There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. However, much may be done to help the person stay active and save the person’s quality of life.

People with Alzheimer’s disease may be treated for at home, at least until the disorder becomes chronic. Support for the family is critical to effective care for a person with Alzheimer’s disease. (more…)

Kneeling Leg Curl

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Leg curl machines, a staple at health clubs, are an ideal way to work the hamstring muscles, the muscles that run along the backs of your upper legs. In lieu of a machine, you can mimic the motion by performing the kneeling leg curl. (more…)

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