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The Truth About Little White Santa Lies

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Lying to your child about Santa probably isn’t the worst thing you’ve ever done, but if you are even slightly worried it might earn you coal and switches in your Christmas stocking this year, relax. (more…)

Alternatives to Ritalin for Hyperactive (ADHD) Kids. Part 2

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The average American consumes 1/2 ounce a day of these chemicals, and eliminating them from a sensitive child’s diet can help a lot. For more detailed information on ADHD, food allergies and food additives, read Help for the Hyperactive Child by Dr. William Crook. Another good book, now out of print but possibly available in your library, is Food Makes the Difference by Dr. Patricia Kane. (more…)

Alternatives to Ritalin for Hyperactive (ADHD) Kids. Part 1

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Q.Recently I started giving my 9-year-old son an herb by the name of valerian to calm him down. He is hyperactive (ADHD) and used to be on Ritalin until he started having side effects. Is this herb safe? Does it work for this purpose? Do you have any other suggestions for natural treatments for ADHD kids? (more…)

Genital Herpes a Viral Infection

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Genital herpes is spread through sex or, rarely, by hands that have herpes blisters or sores. This sexually transmitted disease, or STD, is most contagious when symptoms are present. (more…)

Typical Menstrual Cycle. Follicular Phase, Ovulation, and Luteal Phase

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The sequence of events that regulate the process of ovulation and the monthly cycle are moderated by hormones. This section provides an explanation of what happens with the reproductive organs and hormones at each phase of the menstrual cycle. For our discussion, this section is based on a typical 28 day cycle. While cycle duration may vary from woman to woman, a 28 day cycle can be used as a general guide to understanding how the reproductive system works. (more…)

Online Resources for Stay at Home Dads

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Need a little help from other guys who’ve been there, done that, and still have the strength to write about it? Consider. (more…)

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