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Will I get big Muscles?

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I’m fearful of getting big muscles if I begin weight training. Will this happen?
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Treating Preinvasive Cervical Cancer. Part 3

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Conization — Conization is the removal of a cone-shaped piece of cervix, primarily for diagnostic reasons. Although loop electrosurgery can be used to perform conization, the standard for diagnosis and treatment of confusing dysplasia situations is cold knife conization. (more…)

Treating Preinvasive Cervical Cancer. Part 2

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Cryotherapy — Cryotherapy has long been advocated for early dysplasia (CIN 1) and, in some cases, mild and moderate dysplasia (CIN 2 and 3). This procedure occurs in the healthcare provider’s office without anesthesia but oftentimes with pain control. It involves placing a probe against the cervix for three minutes while liquid nitrogen is used to cool the probe to approximately minus 60 degrees. (more…)

Treating Preinvasive Cervical Cancer. Part 1

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The treatment of cervical cancer depends on the stage of the disease, the location and size of the cancerous growth, the woman’s general health and her desires, such as wanting to have children. (more…)

Secondary or Recurrent Infections

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After the primary infection, the herpes viruses have the unusual capability of traveling within nerve cells, specifically, within certain branches of sensory nerves of the skin. The virus may remain in the nerves’ cell bodies without producing symptoms for varying periods of time. This is called the dormant or latent phase. Weeks or even years can pass before the infection reactivates. In fact, some people never experience a secondary outbreak. (more…)

Cosmetic Surgery Cuts Both Ways

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As American culture becomes increasingly obsessed with youth, many aging baby boomers, grandmothers trying to turn back the clock and a growing number of 20- and 30-somethings are lifting, tucking, suctioning and implanting to try to improve their looks. (more…)

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