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Don’t Start Exercising Without This!

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The one essential element of exercise that most people forget … water!! Water, or a properly hydrated body, is essential for all athletic performances. In fact, water is the key to healthy exercising and healthy living. Water can greatly increase your endurance. (more…)

Karate Basics Simple, Direct, and Effective, Part 2

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The reverse punch is probably responsible for more points than any other single technique. Why? Simple. Direct. Effective. This is a reverse punch, so you will be punching with the hand opposite your lead leg. Start in a fighting stance, as above, left foot forward, rear foot at a forty-five degree angle. (more…)

Karate Basics Simple, Direct, and Effective, Part 1

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I remember preparing for my first karate tournament. I was excited, apprehensive and as focused as any beginner.

I had the luxury of practicing with a friend who had several more years of experience and about eight inches of height on me. I would try miserably to hit him with a ridge-hand, flying backfist, or some other fancy technique, but the results were always lacked promise. My sensei would look at me and say, “What’s that crap? Stick with the basics.” (more…)

Building Inner Strength

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One way to build inner strength is to practice with your eyes closed. This is especially beneficial doing Standing Meditation. Once you are in the firm SM stance and feel the chi flowing, close your eyes. (more…)

Will I get big Muscles?

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I’m fearful of getting big muscles if I begin weight training. Will this happen?
Answer: (more…)

Worcester Fitness. Part 2

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The variety of programs offered at Worcester Fitness are yet another way it offers value to its members. According to Santa Maria, all programs are “branded” to meet Worcester Fitness standards. Among those programs is HealthStart, a medical referral program that brings physicians, physical therapists and other medical professionals together with the staff of Worcester Fitness. (more…)

Worcester Fitness. Part 1

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Worcester Fitness, previously Worcester Court Club, has been around since 1978. It lead a comfortable existence in a city that lives in the shadow of Boston, but when plans were in the works to open the new Worcester Fitness at the Worcester Medical Center (opened Jan. 4, 2001), the parent company for both facilities (plus two others), Fitness Management Systems, decided that Worcester Fitness needed a makeover. (more…)

Single Set Resistance Training

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A resistance training program with single sets of repetitions is almost as effective in maintaining muscle strength, endurance and body composition as a program with three sets of repetitions, according to a new study (Reuters Health, Feb. 25, 2000). Researchers measured body fat, muscle mass, endurance and strength in 42 men and women aged 20 to 50 both before and after the 13-week study. Participants lifted weights regularly for a minimum of one year prior to the study, and performed single sets of repetitions three times a week for an average of six years. (more…)

Body Hype

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Since 1989, NSP has been marketing GlanDiet, a meal-replacement program based mainly on the book, “Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type and Lifetime Nutrition Plan” (1983), by Elliot B. Abravanel, M.D., and his spouse, Elizabeth King. The book maintains that there is a “dominant gland” at the root of every weight problem and that soothing the errant gland and moderating its cravings can control weight. (more…)

Inspiring the Lazy Ones

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Inevitably there are people who join your facility because they get momentarily inspired or they are scared, feel guilty, hope that if they pay they will stick to their program, are told they must by their physician or are dragged in (or given a gift) by a caring friend or relative. These people are the most likely to drop out and give up quickly. (more…)

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