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The Breaststroke Add It to Your Workouts Post 2

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The breathing works in along with the pull. It is very common for people to breath too late in the stroke. Remember the power phase of the pull is when you are pulling down and out and squeezing in, so this is where you want to have your head up taking your breath. That means your head starts to lift the same time that your arm starts to pull. Your head should be going down when your hands are starting to move forward. This takes a bit of practice, but you can do it. It is important to remember that you need to exhale while your face is in the water, so you have time to inhale when your head is up. (more…)

The Breaststroke Add It to Your Workouts Post 1

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The breaststroke is a beautiful and graceful stroke, but is also very complicated. Once you get it down it is a great addition to your workout, as it can be very restful but also very high intensity. While most of the strokes involved a complicated upper-body pull and most of the power of the stoke comes from the arms, the breaststroke utilizes the legs much more. The complication for this stroke comes from the timing of the pull and the kick. We will get into that in more detail later. (more…)

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