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Are you plagued with loss of hair?

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The drug known as Propecia offers hope for anyone experiencing symptoms of male pattern baldness. It blocks the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. This in turn lowers DHT concentration in the scalp region and permits a return to healthier hair production. (more…)

Hair Loss Myths

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Tiring a hat can ground sparseness

Inexact. Most experts end not have faith in that tiring a hat can ground nakedness. To action hair loss, the hat would acquire to happen fixed ample supply to abbreviate unavailable bad circulation to the scalp. To come to pass on the out of harms way part, provided you discharge have on hats, cause trustworthy they are breathable and not firm adequacy to ground inquietude.


Cancer Treatments

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While cancer treatments steadily advance and improve, doctors have yet to find a cure for self-consciousness and insecurity that comes when a patient loses his or her hair, or is disfigured after surgery such as a mastectomy.

Huntington Memorial Hospital is attempting to address these problems with its newly opened Appearance Center. The center aims to help calm the fears and feelings of negative self-image that often follow chemotherapy and cancer surgery.

Hair Loss Answers

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How to halt hair loss and bring back hair fullness

The first suggestion is to apply estrogen/female hormones onto the scalp, because the hair will be stronger. Female hormone production is not limited to animals or humans. Several plants have the ability to make a version of these hormones. The plants include: hops, licorice, sage, clover, sweet clover, and some more. (more…)

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