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Liability Waivers. Part 1

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Well-written, effective liability waivers can protect your club from liability for injuries resulting from negligence in most states.

Liability risks abound in the health and fitness industry. (more…)

Don’t Start Exercising Without This!

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The one essential element of exercise that most people forget … water!! Water, or a properly hydrated body, is essential for all athletic performances. In fact, water is the key to healthy exercising and healthy living. Water can greatly increase your endurance. (more…)

Making Wellness Work at Corporate Facilities. Part 2

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Decor. Believing that a pleasant exercise environment is crucial to exercise adherence, PBWM pays great attention to the use of color, decor and lighting to ensure that stepping in to the facility, and staying to work out, remains an enjoyable experience. (more…)

Debbie Lose Weight

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This week was busy. Somehow I managed to loose a pound, which makes 3 pounds in all since I started the program! I feel good about the advice that has been given to me. After reviewing my food intake for the week I’ve determined that I need to stock up on fruits and veggies. I never realized how little of those things I eat until I reviewed my food diaries for this last week. (more…)

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