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Ten Critical Tasks for Managing. Part 1

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As you manage your facility, it may seem that there aren’t enough hours in the day. It is a challenge to stay ahead of everything: Administrative tasks and bookkeeping compete for your time with equipment maintenance and staffing. Managers beyond the ordinary take advantage of the knowledge, experience and creativity of every colleague and employee. (more…)


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Communication is the most obvious benefit of a newsletter. It allows you to inform your members of new classes, new hires, new programs, schedule changes and much more. Says Kove, “Our newsletter … allows us to be in constant communication with [our members]. In addition, for those members who may not use our center as much as they should, [the newsletter] becomes an ongoing reminder of their membership, and the importance of addressing their health and wellness goals.” So, newsletters can also help with retention, to remind those members who haven’t been to your facility recently what you offer and how you can help them reach their goals. (more…)

Finding a Gastroenterologist for Throat Symptoms

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Q.I’ve had esophageal cramping for several years. Recently, I’ve developed the sensation that something is stuck in my throat all the time. I’ve mentioned it to my doctor, but he doesn’t seem overly concerned. After reading your articles about people suffering from similar symptoms, I’ve decided to ask my doctor for a referral to a gastroenterologist. What characteristics should a patient look for in a good gastroenterologist? (more…)

Shift into Reverse

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Purchasing power has shifted to the consumer. And marketing will never be the same.

A profound shift in the basis of competition is occurring. Today, competitive advantage in many businesses lies in the ability to capture unique information about customers-information that is not accessible to other vendors. For example, airlines develop frequent-flyer profiles that are not accessible to other airlines. Banks use information about balances and individual funds flow to market various financial products to their customers. Even grocers create loyalty card programs in order to build and act on proprietary profiles of their customers.


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