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Ten Critical Tasks for Managing. Part 2

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5. Find the cause and be able to prove it. Once you’ve all agreed on the cause of the problem, you need to subject your view to analysis to make certain that you are correct. To proceed effectively, you need to be sure you aren’t forgetting any important elements.

6. Define the ideal solution. Ask, “In a perfect world, what would happen?” Don’t settle for the bare min-
imum solution just to get the problem to go away in the short-term. Strive for a permanent, or at least a long-term, solution.

7. Find the best actions possible to achieve your objective. With your vision of the ideal solution in mind, go to your information resources and mine their knowledge and experience. They will probably come up with something simple that you can use to make your ideal situation a reality, with less effort than you would have trying to reinvent the wheel on your own.

8. Create a workable draft solution. It’s at this stage that you put your plan into action. You’ll often see difficulties that weren’t obvious in the earlier, more abstract stages.

9. Fine-tune your plan. Even if your plan appears to work on paper, you need to go over it again and anticipate potential risks it might pose to other plans you have for your facility. The law of unintended consequences strikes where you least expect it. Remember, “measure twice and cut once” as a good rule.

10. Present your plan and gain acceptance. Once you have derived your solution and fine-tuned it, you need to get everyone affected by it to buy into your plan. It’s your job to communicate the reasons for the change and the collective thought that went into solving the problem. When everyone understands that the changes being implemented are the result of years of collective experience subjected to critical rational analysis, rather than some reactive, top-down scheme, the changes may be much easier to accept and even embrace.

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